Wytwórnia: Jazz Forum Records 028

1. Hor' ich das Liedchen klingen [Robert Schumann/Uri Caine]
Uri Caine Ensemble from the album Schumann/Love Fugue [910 049-2]

2. Winter [Maurice Horsthuis]
Amsterdam String Trio feat. Ernst Glerum, Maurice Horsthuis, Ernst Reijseger from the album Witner Theme [910 060-2]

3. Maybe [Jim Black]
Jim Black form the album AlasNoAxis [910 061-2]

4. A young girl made a Crown os Forest Flowers [D. Trifonov/Carstensen]
Stain Carstensen from the album Farmers Market [910 056-2]

5. Fais comme si [Michel Rivgauche/Marguerite Monnot]
Tethered Moon feat. Masabumi Kikuchi, Gary Peacock, Paul Motian from the album Chansons d'Edith Piaf [910 048-2]

6. Dillu [Traditional]
Ernst Reijseger and Tenore e Cuncordu de Orosei from the album Colla Voche [910 037-2]

7. Symphjonie No. 2, Resurrection, Primal Light [Gustav Mahler/Uri Caine]
Uri Caine Ensemble from the album Primal Light [910 004-2]

8. Scarlatti Fever [Alan Bern]
Guy Klucevsek and Alan Bern from the album Accordance [910 058-2]

9. Variation 18, Canon at the 6th [J. S. Bach/Uri Caine]
Uri Caine Ensemble  from the album The Goldberg Variations [910 054-2]

10. Colla Parte [ Erns Reijseger]
Ernst Reiseger from the album Colla Parte [910 012-2]

11. Play [Paul Motian]
The Paul Motian Trio feat. Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano from the album Sound of Love [910 008-2]



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