Ebo Taylor & The Saltpond City Band
9.06.2018 (sobota), godz. 20.00
Pardon, To Tu przy Teatrze Nowym
ul. Madalińskiego 10

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Ebo Taylor w Pardon To Tu

Ghanijski innowator afrofunku i „highlife” wystąpi 9 czerwca w warszawskim klubie, przy Teatrze Nowym

Legendarny artysta wraz z 7-osobowym The Saltpond City Band. 82-letni Ebo Taylor współpracował z takimi muzykami i formacjami jak Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Ghana Black Star Band (Osibisa), Uhuru Dance Band czy Apagya Show Band. Ostatni jak dotąd i jedyny jego koncert w Polsce odbył się w 2013 r. na festiwalu Inne Brzmienia.

Ebo Taylor started his career in the 1950’s and from 1962-1965 he attended the renowned Eric Guillard School of Music in London. Here he nurtured a scene of West African musicians and musically inspired upcoming artists, among them a young Fela Kuti. This is where a lifelong friendship began. During this time Taylor led the Ghana Black Star Band which later became Osibisa.

After touring with different bands in West Africa for some years, he in 1974 formed the most innovative band in Ghana in the 70’s; the Apagya Show Band, for which he wrote hits like “Tamfo Nyi Ekyir” and “Kweku Ananse”.

From the mid-70s he has been the musical director for the two ground breaking Ghanian record companies, Essiebons and Gapaphone. For them Taylor arranged and produced the music of well-known and highly popular singers like C.K. Mann, Pat Thomas and Papa Jackson.

With his compositions, arrangements and also his outstanding guitar style Taylor has shaped Ghanaian music and in particular Highlife substantially. He has created his own, remarkable style of African music: a unique synthesis of Highlife, Jazz, and Afrobeat. Probably no other musician still alive has contributed as consistently and significantly to Ghanian popular music as Taylor. Since Ebo was discovered in Europe in 2010/2011 he played hundreds of shows and became a household name in the international touring circuit.

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