Kinga Głyk
5.10.2017 (czwartek), godz. 20.00
14. Przystanek Choszczówka
ul. Chlubna 1a
Dziki Zakątek

Bilety: 40 zł

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Kinga Głyk na płycie marzeń

„Dream” – nowy album wschodzącej gwiazdy gitary basowej, 5 października jedyny koncert w Polsce.

20-letnia gitarzystka basowa Kinga Głyk wydaje 20 października w Warner Music Germany swoją trzecią płytę autorską „Dream”, na której towarzyszą jej wybitni muzycy: Gregory Hutchinson (drums), Nitai Hershkovits (keys), Tim Garland (sax & clarinet).

Kinga Glyk
Release date: 20.10.2017 (Warner Music)
CD 190295757526, LP 190295757519

Kinga Glyk - bass
Gregory Hutchinson - drums
Nitai Hershkovits - keys
Tim Garland - saxophone, bass clarinet

No, says Kinga Glyk, jazz is not something for nostalgic old men. On the contrary, it is music that electrifies people – and she herself is the best example. Today, the twenty-year-old is the youngest and best-known bandleader on the Polish music scene. She is a colourful figure in Poland’s cultural life, not least because she chose an instrument that only few women play: “I knew right from the start that I would play the bass guitar, I was in no doubt, because I liked the deep tones. As a child I would stand in front of the radio and pretend to play the bass. My father wasn’t too thrilled when I asked him if he would buy me a bass guitar. He suggested piano, violin or guitar, something better suited to girls. But when I was eleven years old, I was able to convince him. Since then I have played the bass guitar.”

Although her father, Irek, had his reservations to start with, he soon began to support his daughter’s career. Before long, Kinga was playing in the family combo Glyk P.I.K. Trio, together with her father on the vibraphone and her brother on the drums, and due to the band’s success she often appeared on stage. As a teenager, Kinga was able to try out a range of musical styles and soon became so good that at the age of 18 she produced her first album, “Registration”. This is also when her name started to appear on the cover, and the Polish music scene began to take notice of this emerging young talent.

From this point on, things moved fast. The Kinga Glyk Trio began to play concerts outside of Poland. Clubs turned into halls, small gigs into festival performances alongside renowned jazz musicians, and the trio performed at festivals including the Stuttgart Jazz Open and the Festival da Jazz in St. Moritz. A second album entitled “Happy Birthday” followed in 2016 – a live recording at the Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej. And her videos, for example her solo version of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”, got hundreds of thousands of clicks on YouTube. Glyk’s fame grew, television teams came knocking at her door, feature articles about her appeared in the press, and she herself made the leap into the international music world. “Dream” is the title of her third album, the first to be released by Warner and in which she teams up with a fantastic new band.

On saxophone is Tim Garland, from Great Britain, who has worked with luminaries from Kenny Wheeler to Chick Corea. On piano is the Israeli pianist Nitai Hershkovits, who gained renown during his years in the Avishai Cohen Trio. And on drums is the New Yorker Gregory Hutchinson, undoubtedly one of the most important drummers of his generation. The album “Dream” comprises mostly Glyk’s own compositions, as well as a duo version of her viral hit “Tears in Heaven”, and “Teen Town”, a tribute to the maestro of bass guitar, Jaco Pastorius. The album is all about groove, about fun, but also about establishing a personal relationship with listeners through the music: “For me, music is more than just a sound. I try to share much more than just the playing of slow and fast notes, because I want to write songs that convey something. For me, music is a big journey. I do what I love and it’s wonderful! My dreams are coming true faster than I ever imagined!” Not least with an album called “Dream”.

Płytę promuje singiel „Tears in Heaven” Erica Claptona 


1. Freedom (Kinga Glyk) 5‘01
2. Difficult Choices (Kinga Glyk) 4‘53
3. Dream (Kinga Glyk) 5‘14
4. Song for Dad (Kinga Glyk) 4’07
5. Circle (Kinga Glyk) 4’32
6. Walking Baby (Kinga Glyk) 6’15
7. Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton) 3’16
8. Teen Town (Jaco Pastorius) 5’33
9. Silence (Kinga Glyk) 2’08

Kinga Glyk, bass
Gregory Hutchinson, drums
Nitai Hershkovits, piano
Tim Garland, saxophone/bass clarinet


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